Ok, so there is this guy in Bergen and his name is Admir. A long time ago he moved from the “Jugend-city” Ålesund to Bergen for his studies, or something. But while here he fell in love with electronic music and the club scene. Admir has been a resourceful and important figure for electronic music in Bergen, for the last couple of years.

And he has finally found the pet project that he wishes to build into something solid, and something that can make Bergen a better place to live. As an artist.

It’s a vinyl label, and it’s called Maksimal Lyd. Maximum Sound. Not bad. The visual profile and style will be done by the talented Rannveig Lohne. Their first EP is announced, and will be celebrated with a big party at Østre this Friday. Entrance will be 120 NOK, and hey: That’s not bad at all considering Blondes are headlining a strong line up.

Check out the EP here: