A LOT of people know Erlend Øye from the duo Kings of Convenience and his band The Whitest Boy Alive. A lot of people also know Erlend Øye from his solo effort “Unrest” and his excellent DJ Kicks-mix. So people should know about Erlend Øye and his close relationship with electronic music, the discotheque and club culture. Like, geez, the name The Whitest Boy Alive is a reference to Moodymann. Mr. Øye told us himself.

So Erlend Øye has a new single out, it’s in Italian (he is currently living in Sicily) and it’s a disco track. That’s no coincidence. And it’s kinda happened before. He is as good a house/disco diva as anyone. If you haven’t checked out the Kings of Convenience collaboration with Erot, then we suggest you do it now. And not forgetting the highlight “Love Is No Big Truth” from the KoC-album “Dire Straits” “Riot On An Empty Street”. And “Poor Leno”, the Röyksopp-tune. And his entire solo album.

Anyway, although the vibe here is more mellow, more acoustic/organic than synthetic, it’s definitely a take on what dancing can entail.