Well there’s no arguing that the leading service for listening and discovering music is Soundcloud YouTube, and we are doing our part in keeping Soundcloud as a place to be when it comes to the music we’re releasing. So here you’ll be able to hear some of the current tracks you should be checking out, plus a little bit of info about this “secret” account we have that you need to know about.

Remember when it used to be MySpace? These things shift, no matter how invincible some services and sites seem to be. And, actually the new Myspace is not that bad. We have a profile there. It looks nice. But people are just not that into it, to paraphrase that book. So Soundcloud it is, and it’s the simplicity that keeps the thing working – and popular. Although Berlin-based, the audio tool was developed in Sweden and the guys behind it have a history with our neighbours rich hacker-heritage. The two founders also have a history as sound designers and musicians. Either way, if you’re into this kind of stuff and how it affects music discovery and the music business online, then you should check out this Wired-article from 2009 when Soundcloud was a threat and not a leader.

First of all: Burning God Little is a fucking genius.

Second of all: Machine Birds made a single before going on a hiatus and it’s titanicly catchy.

And third of all: If you don’t know about the genius of Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, then download their free track here:

So in case you haven’t figured it out, go to Soundcloud and follow us to be the first to know when new stuff arrives: https://soundcloud.com/nabovarsel

There is some stuff on there there that you will (hopefully) enjoy and that you will not find anywhere else. Like the “TERRENG”-project, and some cool remixes from guys like Ill-Tariq and Vintersol.