Synthetic landscapes, heartfelt lyrics and catchy choruses. The wonderfulness of “Save Yourself EP” is in its melodic grandeur, while almost not being there at all. The EP is a strong letter of intent from the Norwegian female duo: a collection of songs that crafts breezy summer hooks and melts them with scandinavian winter.

“Save Yourself EP” came along with Njaal from Young Dreams (Modular) at the helm as co- producer. Together they rented a loft in a kindergarten on the outskirts of the gateway-to-the- fjords, Bergen, picking up a couple of classic vintage synths and a collection of songs born and structured from the core of their live set. Together they re-molded and re-shaped these songs into unbound tunes that might not be relevant for commercial radio, but instead has the potential to resonate with listeners everywhere. To celebrate the video, we are proud to offer you a free download of a quirky and swagalicious remix by Ill Tariq on Soundcloud: