Burning God LittleNotes On Being Snowblind EP


Tromsø is a dark place. Being one of the most northern cities in the world, it is also known as The Arctic City. This is also, famously, the land of the midnight sun, and when it never gets dark it’s easy to forget about sleep. It’s in this close contact with nature, light and sleep that Burning God Little, aka Martin Hartgen, found his interest in the digital textures that dominates ‘Notes On Being Snowblind’.

The lead single ’Tusen Bita’ is placed right inside the contradiction that makes up Tromsø vs. the digital world. It’s artificial drum beat, super low bass booms, and dream-state synthesizer fizz all gathers up into one of the EP’s many sky-sized swoons. The lyrics, in his native dialect, distort images of longing and love, but also physical damage. You never quite know where this fits, as it possesses both the bedsit mournfulness of sad pop music and punchy energy and aggression of happy pop music.

Picked as a “Exciting New Act” by NRK and blogged about in The 405, No Fear of Pop, Ja Ja Ja, Electronic Beats and Blend Magazine: Burning God Little is one of those exciting new voices of electronic pop music, and with enough of his own personal voice in a very international sound that should make him a stayer.

The EP marks Burning God Little’s introduction to the world, and he’s brought some help in the likes of AACT RRAISER (Manimal Vinyl) from Oslo and Barker & Baumecker (Ostgut Ton) from Berlin. The former takes on a new pop- interpretation of ‘Tusen Bita’, while the latter uses the voices in the original to create a dancefloor-stomper sure to put it’s stamp on Panorama Bar and Berghain, where the duo famously hosts the Leisure System nights.

En musikkvideo har blitt satt sammen til Tusen Bita. Den kan du se her: