Released as a free web single to celebrate Njål and Eiriks birthday, this psychedelic pop track kicks off a series of free songs and give-aways by the weird pop band from Bergen, Norway. A lot of people are already aware of the ties between PYHUFNT (yeah, really) and the Modular-signed Young Dreams: Synthesizer whiz-kid Njål fronts a group that also consists of members from The New Wine and Machine Birds, with his idiosyncratic songwriting and ear for the unexpected melody you didn’t know you wanted to hear.

“The Rosy View Effect” is a song that dares to float along. That dares to accelerate. It even reboots itself after crashing. Although the melody and riffs are thrown at you and stick around after repeated listening, the song never quite finds equilibrium. We’re looking forward for more from Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo.