Photo by: Mario Urban Mannsåker

It isn’t easy to impress folks such as Ewan Pearson and Bob Stanley, but the cult band from Bergen did it through great live shows. People have been asking for a debut album for years – it’s finally here. Advanced Language combines the escapist elements of new wave-pop–gauzy synth textures with some very Nordic lyrics.

The songs don’t move like pop music should, the resolution isn’t always there and the suburban angst becomes more and more apparent for every listen. This wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the great musical chemistry between the members and the ambiguous landscape Petter Berge paints through his storytelling.

«Samples» is stuffed with detail, and Berge’s vocals are upfront and much clearer than in previous recordings, his thick baritone serving as an anchor for a surrounding baroque romanticism.

“Samples” is a more confident, autumn-drenched listen than our previous releases.


The band:

Petter Berge: Vocals
Eirik Nordstrand: Bass
Lars Finborud: Guitar
Njål Paulsberg: Synthesizer