One for the ambient / post-rock / post-folk crowd out there. “Kindred” is a self-released tune by the promising, young Tellef Raabe (actual name). It’s been out there for some weeks, but it seems to have picked up well-deserved steam culminating in a “New Artist of The Week”-award from NRK (Norwegian equivalent of BBC) for this tune:

Atmospheric, moody and with suprising turns: We hope to hear more from Tellef Raabe if “Kindred” represents the direction of both his songwriting and the production going forward; a re-imagined version of the folk-rock that dominates the airwaves in Norway.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s produced by Njaal from Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo? Well, we should. Because this is also marking an exciting new Bergen-based producer & mixer rising. With Machine Birds and Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo + Pandreas as clients, Njål Paulsberg is certainly adding some interesting flavour to up & coming artists from the west coast.