Sommerfest 2013Hey guys, so we finally have a summer party for you. For those of you who have visited us before, the summer events always end up displaying Bergen at it’s finest. The 27th of July is the date, and the place to be is Landmark here in Bergen. As always the music will be bass, house, techno and whatever. You never really know. Although we are saving the big guns for our August-special, we promise to have fun and we promise to update you with some surprise appearances at this summer party.

So for the basic info: CC wil be 50 NOK, and the age limit is 20. Landmark has a status of “venue of cultural significance” and is open for a little bit longer than most venues in Bergen. There is a facebook-event here: and we recommend you to join the event for important info and updates. You can also follow us on Twitter if that is more comfortable.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Landmark and/or Bergen Kunsthall, check out their website for info (their exhibitions are always great). Here is the location:

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