Torske is the godfather of Norwegian house. That’s just the way it is. The Bergen-based musician has released several albums and singles, many of them instant classics in our ears. There are few talents that has meant so much for Nabovarsel, our sound and our philosophy, as the genius behind tracks such as “Jeg Vil Være Søppelmann” (translating to “I Wanna Be a Garbage Man”), “Sexy Disco”, “Trøbbel På Taket” and “Kan Jeg Slippe?”.

Torske is online, though he hides well.

First of all, there’s his facebook-page: BJØRN TORSKE (OFFICIAL)

Then there’s his actual homepage:

A nice discomix is available at his Soundcloud-profile:

His booking agency is also someone to get in touch with, if necessary: Shadow Agency

And let’s all hear a classic track while we are at it: