PRE-FESTIVAL: Monday feb 17th

18:30 - DJ Mario Urban feat. Lysgaard: Funqed up DJ set with them bells and whistles

PRE-FESTIVAL: Tuesday feb 18th

21:30 - Mercimer (DJ-set) live on this page

PRE-FESTIVAL: Wednesday feb 19th

21:30 - NuTeq (DJ-set) live on this page

Thursday feb 20th

21:30 - Aurora Aksnes

By just listening to Aurora Aksnes’ music, you’ll see that there are no hints of her being only seventeen years old. The songs have the qualities of a much older and a more established artist. Blending a singer/songwriter-style of music with elements of electronic music gives it an interesting edge.

22:15 - Vilde Tuv

After releasing the critically acclaimed singles “Mine Armer” and “Cellevevet” Vilde Tuv has established herself as one of the most promising newcomers from Bergen. Tuv creates lo-fi songs which feels both immediate and sincere, which all have the quality of striking a chord in the listener.

23:00 - Hemmelig Overraskelse

24:45 - Soulbeast

Despite not having been around for more than a couple of months Soulbeast have already shared the stage with Haim and made a reputation of themselves as energetic performers.

DJ: Bob Stanley (UK/Saint Etienne)

Not only an accomplished musician, but also an accomplished music writer. For 20 years Bob Stanley has been making hits with the pop-group saint etienne and recently wrote the definitive guide to pop music: “Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop”.

Friday feb 21st

14:00 @ Østre - Q&A with Bob Stanley (FREE ENTRY)

A Q&A session with ledgendary Saint Etienne member and rock journalist Bob Stanley, at Østre. In cooperation with Eno and Brak.

22:30 - Línt

Lint plays a form of post-rock with a hint of electronics, in a genre where many bands have started to stick to a formula of predictable crescendos contrasted with “predictable” and tender guitar melodies. Meanwhile, Lint stands out. Their music is characterized by a tasteful execution which manages to keep you mesmerized.

23:15 - The Big Almost

This trio makes an eclectic mix of beautiful guitar lines and large dreamy synthscapes rooted in strong melodies and great drum breaks. Releasing their latest album these days, and championed by ENO amongst others.

00:00 - Baertur

A combination of several members of prominent bands from Bergen join forces to bring you some “Next level music made by previous level people!”. It’s catchy, it’s weird, and most importantly, it’s FUN.

00:45 - Action the Man

Our favourite “outsider”-rapper from Bergen just released a new EP with more notes from the underground.

DJ: Utmark Lydsystem / DJ Henrik Svanevik

Saturday feb 22nd

23:00 - folkE

Filtering the rich musical heritage of norwegian folk music through modern electronic music makes folkE a unique band. Appropriately Norwegian fiddle music is strongly rooted in dance, and thats what folkE wants you to do, put on your dancing shoes.

23:45 - Advanced Language

Playing their first live gig in almost two years this quirky pop-group will charm you with their funny and often profound lyrics.

00:30 - Drippin

A futuristic beat universe filled with tons of personality which has earned him a lot of attention abroad. Rumor has it, he is bringing some of his newest productions to play this night.

DJ: DJ Dreamtime (AU/Modular Records)


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Tickets are only sold at the door, there is no pre-sale.
Price: 100 NOK per day


All events take place at Landmark Bergen, except the pre-festival DJ-sets, which are being broadcasted live on this site, and the Bob Stanley Q&A, which is at Østre.


As much as possible of the events will be live-streamed inside our poster at the top of this page. So hang tight! When there is nothing going live, we repeat the last recording.

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Here is a playlist of all the great artists you will be seeing: